Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Gift of Tongues

So this week has been a pretty full and very exciting week.  I have a lot to say and hope that I will be able to type fast enough to type all I want to in 30 minutes!
First of all, an Elder in my district got the flu this week and the MTC health clinic quarantined him for four days.  He was put in a room in the basement of a building where he was alone.  The health clinic then gave all of us in my district anti-viral pills that cost $100 a box.  They told us that we had probably been exposed to the flu virus and that the pills would help us avoid getting sick.  The Church spent $1,300 on flu pills to make sure that we didn't get sick.  I am so grateful they did because I really did not want to get the flu!
Another great experience of this last week was in the Teaching Appointment that E. Zylstra and I had.  We were given a teaching record which told us a little about the person that we would be teaching and had to make a plan out of what it said.  We then went in a did a task to get to know the investigator.  Usually a task involves doing a door approach or pretending they are a shop owner while we shop in their store.  This last week it was just a stop by and visit and then schedule a time for a complete lesson.  Before the task, I silently prayed that the gift of tongues would help as we got to know the investigator.  The task went super smooth and were able to set an appointment to meet with him later for a whole lesson.  Then we had a quick moment to revise our plan and then we went back in to teach.  This lesson went perfect.  If you tried to follow our plan you would have been lost.  Instead of sticking completely to the plan we made we applied the lesson directly to his needs as we found out more about him.  We were going to teach the second lesson but found out he had problems with the Word of Wisdom.  We relied completely on the Spirit and taught with testimony and scripture.  I am going to remember the immense Spirit I felt for a long time after.  Also, while E. Zylstra and I were discussing some things we could fix he commented on how fluid and correct my spanish.  Right then I remembered that I had prayed and the Lord had answered my prayer.  I am so grateful to the Lord's hand in my life and that He answers my prayers.  I know for sure that won't be the last time I ask the Lord for help with the language!
I had an interesting thought this last week.  E. Zylstra and I were discussing how ready we felt for the field.  We had discussed that our having made little dumb mistakes along the way aren't as important as what we learned from the mistakes and the person that helped me become.  I am going to confess, I am not perfect and feel sometimes I could have paid a little better attention in class or used my Missionary Discretion Time a little more effectively.  I can now say that I am much, much better about using my time more wisely and I have the seen the Lord bless me more and more.  One specific thought I had was if I were to go home right now, I would be a different person.  I then realized that I am ready for the field and that when I get there I will still have many opportunities to learn.  I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to learn habits and gain testimony that will set a precedent and foundation for the rest of my life.  All decision I make now and then after my mission are affected by how well I serve the Lord.  Missionary work is an amazing blessing!
Lastly, I have news about my visa.  I found only about 25 minutes ago that I will not be getting a visa for about probably up to a month and that the First Presidency is working on a temporary reassignment for me as I write.  I will get this temp. reassignment either tomorrow or Friday.  I was pretty bummed at first because it could be a long while before I end up in Mexico but everything happens for a reason and I am in the Lord's hands doing the Lord's service.  I will go and the do things the Lord commands!  Anyways, it is pretty much like I am getting another mission call.  I am so excited to see where the Lord has decided to place me for the time being.
Well I love all of you so much and appreciate all the fun letters and support.
Elder Janis

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