Monday, January 10, 2011

First Baptism in Mexico

Hola Familia!

Another amazing week in Mexico City!!  I have had MANY new experiences which have helped me learn and grow.  This past week, Elder Duffin and I have basically been taking care of the area by ourselves.  Our companions, being Zone Leaders, have to leave the area sometimes or go to specific appointments leaving the two of us behind.  Monday night was our first opportunity.  That night the Zone Leaders had planned to put an investigator on date for baptism and expected that we accomplished this.  I was so excited to finally go out and really use all that I have been learning!  However, yes, I was nervous but as I said a silent prayer to the Lord, I felt my self-doubt replaced by the peace of the Holy Ghost.  With my renewed excitement, Elder Duffin and I went into the appointment with Magdalena.  We had an AMAZING lesson!  I was surprised by the words coming out of my own mouth.  As we finished teaching Baptism, we committed her to be baptized that coming Sunday.  The Spirit was so strong as we waited the 10 or so seconds for her to respond with a YES!  I almost exploded with happiness for her and the power of the Spirit!  This experience alone proves to me that the Lord will qualify those whom he calls and that the power of the Holy Ghost really can change the hearts of anyone.  Elder Duffin and I then had the privilege to prepare Magdalena for baptism all the rest of the week.  The day before the baptism she picked me to be the person to baptize her!  The baptismal service was amazing and you could just see the peace and joy in Magdalena`s face after she came out of the water.

On top of the baptism, the Lord has blessed us with 24 new investigators.  We work with some pretty big numbers here in Mexico City because there are TONS of people.  The 70 contacts is a hard task but it gets you praying that the Lord will point you towards the people that need to hear our divine message.  Speaking of tons of people, on the 6th of January, Mexico celebrated Dias Reyes.  This is a celebration recognizing the three wisemen and the gifts they brought the Savior.  The people here celebrate the holiday by giving each other gifts and eating a Rosca.  A Rosca is sweet bread, cake shaped in a large oval.  Inside the rosca somewhere is a little baby and whoever gets the baby in their piece of cake has to by everyone else a present.  Pretty funny huh!  We celebrated the holiday by having American style pizza at a member`s house.

Ok so, I got a couple questions for the exact address for the house that I am living in.  The address is: Mexico City, Tenayo, Santa Cecilia, Calle Del Reloj.  Our house is on the corner of Avenida Santa Cecilia and Calle Del Reloj.  It has a green gate in front.  I hope that this is specific enough!  Well, Elder Duffin and I have to jet out.  We have the night to ourselves again!  I love you all and hope that you had a great week as I did!

Elder Janis

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