Monday, February 21, 2011

Like a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

Hola Familia,

Elder Figueroa and I had a rather hard week.  We had 6 investigators get interviewed for baptism with three that were going to be baptized this last Sunday.  However, Saturday night one of the baptisms fell through because his mother wanted him to have his first communion and told us "déjenos en paz ya."  Meaning that she a wants nothing to do with us and wants to stay Catholic.  The day before she was all for his baptism and was planning on getting married in order to receive a baptism herself.  We are going to pass by the family again in a little while when they have settled down a bit.  The other two decided Sunday morning they had important things to do and that they weren´t going to come to church asking that their baptism could be another day.  This was especially sad because they know how important this baptism is and blessings they will receive.

Despite this dreadful ending to a week, I learned a valuable lesson.  We were obedient and diligent doing everything in our power and ability to help our investigators make this important step but ultimately they have their agency.  Every single one of them knew how important following the example of Christ is and made the decision to put it off.  I felt a lot of sorrow for these decisions but know that I did everything I could have done.  I felt peace and love from the Lord poured out upon us as we continued to work hard and be obedient despite the hard times we had.  I like to think that "estamos bajando para subir."  (we are having difficult times to only have better times!)  The Atonement was not a cheap or easy experience for the Lord, the Only Begotten of the Father, meaning that it won´t be easy for me as I bring souls unto the Lord.  I truly love the mission and this last week as made me love it even more.  The hard times are how we get to grow closer to the Lord and have provided me with opportunities to be even more firm in my diligence and obedience. On an amazing note, Alan received the Holy Ghost this last Sunday and Maria Teresa will this next week.  I am so grateful to have baptized this amazing family and love seeing their growth.  They are starting now to make preparations to enter the temple!

I love the Lord and enjoy every moment in His work.  I look forward to the successes that I will have and will endure the tribulations "like a good soldier of Jesus Christ."  I love all of you!

Elder Janis

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