Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baptismal Service for the Morales and Jimenez Families

Hola Familia,

I had the most crazy yet satisfying week of my life!!!  I cannot believe the things that the Lord helped Elder Diaz and me accomplish in this last transfer.  We had a baptismal service for two families this last weekend and man was it a HUGE blessing to see them in white and then soaked head-to-toe!  The baptismal service was for the Morales Family and the Jimenez Family.  The entire Jimenez Family and the majority of the Morales Family were baptized.  We have plans to talk to the rest of the Morales Family and baptize them in this coming transfer.  I have loved thinking about the people they used to be and the people they are trying to become after discovering Christ.  Lourdes, the grandma in the Morales Family, was married this week and nothing not even being sick and barely having money stopped her from doing everything possible to be baptized this weekend.  It was neat to see her contagious excitement catch hold on the other members of the family.  It was neat to talk to both of these amazing families after their baptisms and see in their eyes the peace in their souls.  President Villarreal called me personally and said, "Elder, you are incredible! Keep it up!"  After having this wonderful baptismal service, I was so grateful to hear my Mission President say this.  We got transfers this last Saturday and I am going to stay in my area.  I am so excited to watch these people grow in the gospel and stay in this area to see their lives change more.

Speaking of changes, I am going to stay in the area and Elder Diaz will go to the mission office to recuperate from a recent surgery.  I was in the hospital for about 36 hours while Elder Diaz had his surgery.  He couldn't move any part of his leg and so I got to help put socks on and things like that.  It was a neat experience to help him and be on call to his needs that without me he would not be able to fulfill.  This experience made me appreciate even more all the times I was sick and Mom you were always there helping me in every way possible.  Thanks for the amazing example.  Oh by the way, Elder Diaz was in the hospital to have an operation on his knees.  He was born with a curvature to his legs and has a lot of pain in his knees.  Luckily, this surgery was quick and not very extensive and so he will recover quickly and then head back out to the mission field.

So, this transfer I will be a Dad again and receive another kid.  I will not receive him until tomorrow sometime.  The process for training this transfer will be tons different and will involve a bunch of new techniques.  The Apostles had a special training with the missions presidents here in Mexico to teach them the new process.  I don't know very many specifics so I will wait until next week to tell you all about this new process for training.  I am so excited and LOVE training.  The newbies have such a fire and desire.

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Janis

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