Monday, August 8, 2011

The Hardest but Most Amazing Change

Hola Familia,

What a week!  Everything went super well and the Lord is showering us with blessings right now!  This last week was nowhere near as exciting and miraculous but it was a sweet, satisfying week.  We had another baptism yesterday and the work here is finally starting to roll.  We have a goal of 8 baptisms for this change and Elder Laguna and I are sure that we are going to be able to accomplish our goals.  Elder Laguna and I are working harder and harder everyday.  There are days when we return to the house to plan and immediately after we are sound asleep in our beds.  We then wake up the next morning to work even harder.  I have never felt more excited to work in mission than I do right now.  I absolutely love every minute of everyday!!

This last week I have grown to love section 121 of Doctrine and Covenants.  First of all it has helped me realize how I should treat my opportunity to encourage and lead other missionaries.  I have found myself on the verge of asking the question that comes in the first verse.  Never in my life have I ever been really that close to even think something like that but wow I have had some pretty tough trials.  However I have found SO much consolation in the comfort that the Lord sent to Joseph Smith in 7 and 8.  There have been nights where I have no idea how much time I was on my knees at my bedside.  I know that God heard my prayers and has helped me in ways I never thought possible.  One example would be that Elder Laguna has really been a huge support and listens to my worries.  Elder Laguna has been one of the best companions I have had yet.  I have really been focusing on my dependency on the Lord as I carry out my responsibilities and am relying hopefully and patiently for the promise to be completed of "whom the Lord calls he qualifies."  I have found so much peace and happiness when I know I am doing everything I can to learn and to be diligent and obedient because I have the ability to receive the blessings I'll need.

I am loving this change of my mission and I will count it as one of the hardest but most amazing changes of my mission.  I have seen miracles and the hand of the Lord is definitely extended.  I love all of you and hope you have an amazing week!  Elder Laguna and I have some amazing things planned for this coming week with another baptism planned!

Con amor,
Elder Janis