Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting the hang of being a Zone Leader

Hola Familia,

I am finally getting the hang of being a Zone Leader.  It is such a beautiful oppportunity because I have had the chance to serve, encourage, and help convert the missionaries in the zone.  I have come to realize that missionary work isn't only baptizing, learning how to work hard, and seeing really is the glorious work of saving souls.  The primary purpose of missionary work is to save my own soul, in other words, to convert me to the Gospel, the Church, and to the Lord by helping others come unto Christ: not only the Mexican people but the missionaries the Lord has blessed me to serve.  I have loved encouraging them to work hard and then sharing with them moments of miracles they never imagined possible.

MIRACLE:  I went with a companionship of Elders in an area that hasn't had much success for months.  They had been working harder than anyone in the zone leading everyone in contacts, lessons, and invitations to baptism.  They had no one to baptize on Sunday but had confirmed the attendance of someone that had been preparing for baptism for some time and just didn't want to make the decision.  I offered to go and do the interview during the sacrament services.  I felt confident that the Lord would bless them with a miracle because they had done all that was necesary during the week trying to baptize.  I stepped into the interview and felt the Spirit urge me on with complete confidence that he was going to say yes to being baptized.  If I hadn't felt what I felt starting the interview it would have been hard to have kept the faith.  He was FULL of doubts and resistance but as I patiently waited on the Lord the Spirit began taking down his walls.  However, there was a moment when I lost this level of hope and I almost gave up on him.  Suddenly, I imagined that the guy was Chad or Derek and knew that if they were the ones I was interviewing I would never leave the room without a YES.  I instantly felt a revival of the Spirit and the confident feeling that the Lord would win came rushing back into the room.  After a little more struggle and some phrases and examples I had never before thought of, Hugo agreed to be baptized that very same day!!  What a blessing!  I was so happy to help the Lord give the hard working Elders a miracle that would encourage them to never doubt the Lord and his promises.

We had a special baptism of a super awesome family of four this last weekend.  Their names are Teresa, Natali, Citlalli, and Daniel.  They never even faltered in their progression to baptism with faith that I haven't seen for a long time!! What a miracle!  I love them and it was a super special experience!

Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week.  Sorry I didn't write Monday....we had a Zone Leader Conference.

Elder Janis