Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tenayo Zone as a Whole is Rising

Hola Familia!!

What a super week!  I was hardly ever in my area with all the interviews, securing confirmations, and looking for miracles.  I mean that I hardly even know some of the investigators that we have right now as a companionship.  I am finding it so much more satisfying to find, teach, and baptize in other areas.  The Tenayo Zone as a whole is rising and we are seeing tons more success.  It has been an incredible experience seeing the Zone progress and over all the other things, watch the missionaries under my care grow, learn, and be more converted to the Lord and His glorious work to save souls.  What a blessing it has been to stay up late almost everyday discussing with Elder Sanchez plans for the next day and praying.  I think that the earliest I have gone to bed in the last few weeks is 11 or 11:30 to always wake up at 6:25am!  One night an Elder in the zone called me to get help with some problems he was having with his companion and area and I went to bed at 1:30am.  Even though I feeling a general sense of bodily tiredness I feel so happy to know that I am trying to do everything I can day and night!  There is nothing like feeling that the Lord is proud of your efforts and seeing the fruits of your labors flourish before you!

Last night, Sunday I went to an area in the zone to see if I could help them save a baptismal date.  Elia had gone to church but because of nerves had decided not to get baptized.  She let us in and we invited her to be baptized even though it was Sunday at night.  The Spirit helped us carry the invitation from our hearts to her heart and when she accepted, the room again filled with the Spirit.  I have learned that we can never deserve a miracle or blessing.  However, we can be worthy of the miracle and the grace of God makes the rest possible.  When we work diligently and obediently to carry about that which the Lord commands we are worthy of the miracle.  In the end the Lord's mercy and His all-knowing and all-loving will brings about the miracle.  I like to think of me as a hand-string puppet.  My mouth, hands, and feet are connected to strings that the Lord controls from the courts on high.  When we see miracles in our lives they are testaments and demonstrations of God's grace and love.  We never deserve miracles bu we can by the grace of God be worthy of receiving them.

These things have been on my mind a lot lately and felt impressed to share these thoughts with you.  I love all of you and hope everything is going good with the move.  I also sent a couple letters home and I hope you all get them soon!


Elder Janis