Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rerun of an Elder Bednar Talk

Hola Familia,
This past week has been awesome and so much has happened!  First thing I thought I would let you in on how my RC investigators are going.  Sadly the older woman that lives in Houston that I was talking to did not answer the phone the last time I called but I will not give up on her yet.  I have plans to call her back on Wednesday so hopefully she will be home and I can see how reading the Book of Mormon went.  However, Sean, the 15 year old in Maryland, answered the phone and we talked for almost a half hour.  We talked about his favorite stories in Book of Mormon and about how the Lord is already starting to bless his life.  I got a hold of the missionaries in his area and hopefully they will go and visit Sean.  He told me he knows the Book of Mormon is true and I have high hopes for him eventually being baptized.  I am gratefully already starting to see the love God has for his children.  This is the kind of love that I hope to have for all of the people I serve as a missionary.  I am planning to call Sean back and see how his visit with the missionaries went!
Another really cool experience I had this week was watching a rerun of a talk given by Elder Bednar here at the MTC.  Speaking on the Holy Ghost, he said that we can't think about whether what we are feeling the Spirit of just making the feeling up.  He says that it is basically a waste of time and that we should just "quit worrying about it and be a good boy."  He then promised in the name of the Lord, "I promise your steps will be guided and your mouth full."  I loved this message because I have already run into this sort of problem of deciding where this inspiration came from.  This talk struck home and has change my perspective!  Man do I love the apostles and prophets!
This week I also auditioned for a music presentation potentially for a fireside.  I worked with a friend that I have made in my district and perfomed in front of group of judges.  We worked really hard and it paid off because they loved our new arrangement of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing."  Sadly, my friend is leaving tomorrow for the Peru MTC and they had no more openings.  They told us how sad they were that they didn't have any opennings but promised that if I prepaired a solo, they would let me not only pass the auditions but sing at one of the whole MTC firesides!!  I don't know if I could do that nerves-wise but I will think about it.
I have gained a huge appreciation for the scriptures this past few weeks but especially this past week.  As I have been searching for scriptures that apply to the missionary discussions, my testimony of the restoration and the plan of salvation has been fortified.  I also gained so much insight and advice from the scriptures in my daily reading.  With the Spirit as my best friend, by my side 24/7, I have learned so much from the scriptures.  I wish I could tell you all about the things I've learned but am running out of alloted time to time a letter.  I love the scriptures and look forward to all the wonderful things I will learn from them as I dedicate at least an hour a day to study them.
Well, I better get going.  Before I go though, I would like to tell my wonderful family how much I loved the package they sent me.  I had no idea that I was getting a package and it was an amazing surprise full of amazing goodies.  Thanks for all the wonderful letters everyone sending me.  I really enjoy hearing from all of you!  I am really seeing just how wonderful having the opportunity it is to serve a mission.  I feel so blessed that the Lord can trust me to represent Him and His church.  I know the restored gospel that we are blessed with is absolutely true and we benefit from this knowledge everyday.  I pray everyday to always be able to keep the Savior's trust and be an exactly obedient missionary.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hasta el proximo tiempo con amor,
Elder Janis

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