Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm a Dad!

Hola Familia!

Elder Figueroa and I had a wonderful last week of the transfer and I have some absolutely amazing news to tell.  First of all, we had two baptisms this last Sunday; one for Angelica and the other was for Jesús.  We have added a lot of young men and women to the ward and they are giving us referrals to their friends with hopes of converting all the students in their home room!  Angelica is a solid convert and addition to the Relief Society.  I have especially liked helping her find the light of the Gospel and see her overcome a lot of marital problems.  Her baptismal service was so full of the Spirit and the members are becoming more and more a part of our investigators´conversion.

Guess who came to church....BETO!!  We passed by and taught him everyday expect once this last week solving many doubts and encouraging him to leave alcohol and smoking.  Saturday and Sunday were two days free of drinking and smoking!  He is actively preparing himself to be baptized this coming Sunday which means he cannot drink or smoke the whole week or we have to push back the baptism another week.  His family was kind of annoyed by us when we first started talking to Beto but know all seem really happy when we pass by!  I am hoping that they will let us start teaching them soon.  Beto loved church and has so much faith.  Saturday night, I passed by with my District Leader after he interviewed Jesús.  Beto told us that he will not go to church because as he leaves alcohol he has attacks and convulsions, his breath stinks, and his foot is super swollen and blotchy.  We talked about how the Lord wants him to go to church and that if he prays for the Lord´s help, he will be able to go.  Miraculously enough, we arrived with a group of investigators to find him waiting outside the gate.  He was sweating like crazy after walking on his swollen foot.  It is amazing what the Gospel can do to the people we teach!

Ok, so today is the start of the new transfer and I have some pretty exciting news.  I am going to have a kid!  President Villarreal called me to train a new missionary this next transfer making me a dad.  I was planning on only being bumped up to Senior companion being in Mexico for only one transfer but was SO surprised to become Senior Companion and trainer.  I am so excited for this opportunity!  At the same time, I am super humbled by the responsibility of both these calls being given to me at the same time but I know that if the Lord trusts me to do it, then I can do it!  I don´t know who he is yet but in a couple of hours I am going to go to a training meeting, after wards I meet my new companion.  I am so excited for the things that I will get to teach my son including obedience and diligence.  This will be a crazy learning experience for the both of us but the Lord will qualify both of us.

Well, I have to head out to get a haircut and then go the mission offices.  I love you all and am so thankful for the letters you have sent me.  Every single one of them is super special to me and I appreciate the time you spent thinking of me.  CONGRATULATIONS Chad on being accepted to BYU!  You are going to LOVE it!

Elder Janis

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