Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parque Via is the Promised Land Filled with Fruits and Gold

Querida Familia,

What an amazing time I am having in my new area.  My companion has only a week in the area and so we are basically opening up the area.  The area is huge in comparison to the area in which I was in Cuauhtemoc.  There are tons and tons of apartment complexes and two pueblos (small cities).  We are finding tons of families that are starting to listen to us and I am finding that Parque Via is the promised land filled with fruits and gold!  HAHA, so basically we are working with tons of families that are progressing towards baptism and confirmation.  I also am loving being a district leader here even though it is way different.  I am what you call the President of the Relief Society meaning that my district is me, my companion, and sister missionaries.  I have had the quite the experience trying to get used to just talking to the sisters.  The first time I talked to a sister missionary was in my first district meeting with them and it was so weird.  I have gotten so used talking to and relating to other Elders that doing to same with sisters is just so different.  However, it won't be impossible and I will just have to have patience in overcoming the barrier.

We had a miracle this last week as we searched for a baptism.  The Elders that were here before left one person with attending church and progressing.  I decided before we entered that we would put him on date for the coming weekend and see what happens.  As the lesson progressed, Cosme told us that he wants to, but later.  We told him that in the coming week we would pass by every day and help him prepare.  We also left him with the invitation to pray and ask God if he should be baptized this coming Sunday.  We came back two days later and he told us that after praying he felt lots of "ganas" (desires) to be baptized.  We then answered a couple of doubts he had and he committed to Sunday for his baptism.  Prayer is so powerful!  I read a talk the other day that made me start forming a habit that I hope I never lose.  It was a talk about how we can have our own "sacred grove" moments.  Every morning I write in my journal, exercise, get dressed, and go to another room in the apartment.  Once I am alone with the door closed, I kneel down and just talk with my Heavenly Father.  I cannot describe the joy I find in doing this every morning.  I have just started but I have already started to see the difference it is starting to make in my life.  I feel so much closer to the Spirit and am finding more answers to my prayers and needs.

Well, this last P-Day I couldn't write because we had a district leader meeting with President.  It was great and it is amazing how great the work is going here in the mission.  President is amazing and I am so lucky to have him has an example and leader.  I am starting to finally get the hang of what a leader is all about and have seen myself be an instrument the Lord's hands to help out the missionaries in my district.  I have so much more to learn but I thank the Lord for how far I've come.  I love all of you and hope you have a great week!

Elder Janis