Monday, January 30, 2012

I Look Like Robin Williams, Maybe

Mi Familia,

What another amazing week!  I don't think I have ever felt so tired in my life.  I mean I literally could not keep my eyes open when we were in a bus traveling from one part of the area to another.  I felt like a crazy wild man running around all week to make everything work out.  HAHA, in the evenings we would crash into our beds and I slept like a rock every night!

We saw a huge miracle this last week as we helped the Padilla Family get baptized.  They are a wonderful family that I had known for a while.  I met them the third day in this area when I felt a clear, strong impression to contact the mom.  We tried passing by the next couple of weeks to start teaching the family but the father always told us no.  However, we kept saying hi to them as we passed their "sope" and "quesadilla" stand.  One day when we were passing by I recognized the father of the family helping her make the food.  We went up and introduced ourselves and he responded asking if we were Mormons.  When we explained that Mormons was a nickname we have, he asked me why in our church we teach people to want to kill others.  Quite surprised by his question, I asked him if he really thought that our church taught something like that.  He answered no and then on his own invited us to come to his house the coming Saturday.

That first lesson went super well, they came to church, we got them married, and this last Sunday THEY ALL GOT BAPTIZED!!!!  I will never forget the miracle the Lord showed us.  It is such an example of the last verse in Alma 32.  With faith, patience, and diligence we WILL see miracles.

We also found a new family that in the first lesson told us that they knew we were sent by God and that they would do anything we told them they needed to do.  We had decided to knock doors and theirs was the first one we had knocked.  They all agreed to be baptized this coming Sunday and loved church.  When we talked about the Word of Wisdom, they were more than willing to make the sacrifice to stop smoking.  Overall, the greatest blessing I have found in knowing this family is the difference in happiness and light I see in every progressing visit.  In the first visit they sadly informed us about all the trials they were currently facing and their failing health.  The Spirit is definitely entering into their lives as they are starting to live the gospel.  I really enjoying noting the difference that people have before and after the lesson.  You can tell the difference in their face and especially in their eyes.  They are SUPER excited for this coming Sunday!

So its abnormally cold here and am actually using long sleeve shirts!  I am enjoying the "cold" weather but I know it is nothing compared to the snow that you are currently having.  HAHA, so funny side note: lately on the days that I wear my glasses, everyone tells me that I look like Robin Williams...HAHA.  Investigators, other missionaries, members; they all tell me that I look a lot like him.  I don't see it but I find it pretty funny.  I have lost a lot of weight and I am grateful I look like a famous actor and not like a famous sumo wrestler.

I really am so grateful for every single one of you and your loving and encouraging words.  They mean so much to me and I love reading your letters and knowing whats going on back home.  I know that they Lord is showering blessings upon me here in the mission for my service but it is also fulfilling to see these blessings being poured upon you guys.  I love you, every single one of you!!

Elder Janis