Monday, May 21, 2012

As a Zone We Brought 35 New Investigators to Church for the First Time!

Buenas Tardes Familia,
HA HA, I thought I would start with something a little different.  WOW, so Chad is already in the MTC!  I am so happy for him and look forward to hearing about how things are going for him.  He is going to love the experience the Lord has ready for him!
Elaine, you are going in this coming Wednesday!   What an adventure you have got in front of you!  I am so excited for you too.  I saw the picture of the spider you sent me and that is pretty sick... :)  You are going to have to smash one too and put in plastic like that to bring it home.  HA HA!
So this last week we saw TONS of miracles as a Zone!  We were going to baptized a pretty average amount on Sunday but my companion and I felt that we should be able to do more.  Saturday we did about 13 more interviews and saw tons more baptisms.  We are so amazed by the miracles the Lord is giving us.  We aren't sure why the Lord is blessing us so much but we are excited for the coming week because as a Zone we brought 35 new investigators to church for the first time!  We have our sights set on a high goal for this coming week and I am sure the Lord is planning something huge.  I am looking forward to a week of learning and one that will change even more lives!  I have found a ton of joy out of helping the other missionaries have success not only so that they have numbers but really because they are converted in the process.  I can't be more grateful for the opportunity to serve that the Lord has given me!
Elder Barajas and I were working all week trying to find a miracle baptism for this last Sunday.  However, nothing was happening.  We weren't having any success with the people we already had because they weren't progressing.  However, at 9 pm Saturday night we went by to check on a a guy we helped to get baptized two weeks ago.  We were going to do a quick stop by to make sure everything was ready for his confirmation and we got the chance to meet his kids.  One of them happened to be 12 years old!  We taught her baptism and the other things necessary for baptism and she excitedly accepted a baptismal date for the next day!  What a blessing.  The Lord definitely is merciful.  We are going to keep stopping by to help her learn and retain the lessons and even start teaching the wife.
So, I am looking forward to what I know will be an amazing week.  I love all of you and am already excited to report to you all the success of the coming week!
Elder Janis